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Adele – I Drink Wine



一向擅長用歌曲描寫人生各種面向的 Adele,在 I Drink Wine 這首歌中,提醒我們要放過自己,活出最舒適的樣子。不要因為種種約束,而試圖成為別人理想裡的樣子。就讓我們一起來看看,情歌女王這次用了哪些實用的用法,書寫出他在小酌之中得到的人生啟發吧!

be bounded by sth 被⋯⋯約束/包圍

How can one become so bounded by choices that somebody else makes?

  • be bounded by sth 被⋯⋯約束/包圍

歌詞中, Adele 在表達自己被他人意見侷限時,使用了 bounded by 的這個用法。be bounded by sth 很常被使用在國家界線、流域、城牆⋯⋯等情境之中。在這裏作為一種情緒上的界線,是不是也很生動呢?

例句:I live in a part of the country that is bounded by two rivers and quite close to the sea.


例句:In the end, our knowledge is bounded only by our ideas, and extends only as far as our ideas are based on true essences.



  • be bound for … 前往/駛往

      常常在高鐵上聽到的「本列車前往⋯⋯」所使用的就是 bound for。

例句:The train is bound for Taipei from Zuoying.


bring sb down 使⋯⋯垮台/絆倒/拉低情緒

We’re in love with the world but the world just wants to bring us down

  • bring sb down 使⋯⋯垮臺/絆倒/拉低情緒

bring someone down 可以指試圖將某人從高位拉下台,使他失去權力;或者是真的去絆倒某人,或是拉低某人的情緒。

例句:It is possible that this scandal will bring down the government of the country.


例句:Kevin was awarded a penalty when Louis brought him down.

Kevin 被 Louis 絆倒後,獲判十二碼。

blow sb’s mind 使感到極度興奮(或激動)

When I was a child every single thing could blow my mind

  • blow sb’s mind 使感到極度興奮(或激動)

歌詞中,Adele 回憶起自己小時候,任何小事似乎都能讓自己無比興奮,這邊用的用法就是 blow sb’s mind。大家是不是也有這種心情呢?那種被撥動心弦的興奮之情!下次遇到這樣的情緒,就可以說「 Wow ! XXXX just blew my mind !」

例句:Lauren has always had a deep love for the culture and history of Japan. Her trip to Japan completely blew her mind and left her with a lasting impression.

Lauren 一直對日本的文化和歷史有著深深的熱愛。她的日本之行徹底震撼了她的心靈,給她留下了深刻的印象。

例句:Knowing that I was interested in botany, he highly recommended that I read this book, which he thought would completely blow my mind when I finished it.


cling (on) to sth 努力保持;盡力保留;緊抓…不放

Why am I seeking approval from people I don’t even know?

In these crazy times I hope to find something I can cling on to

  • cling (on) to sth 努力保持;盡力保留;緊抓…不放

在這段歌詞中,Adele 表現出了他的不安全感,想尋求他人的認可,就像是緊緊抓緊某樣東西,才能使自己安心一樣。在這樣的情境,就可以使用 cling to 或者是 cling on to。

例句:The situation has been going on for three years, and you should not cling on to it.


例句:In the last moments before the regime collapses, this leader desperately clings to his power.


All the Best!

以上就是今天想和大家分享的內容啦~ 你都學會了嗎?我們可以發現 Adele 的歌詞是十分優美的,在哀傷中又帶著勵志的成分,期許聽者也可以有著共鳴。非常建議讀者可以細細品味,並配合學習文中精選的 4個慣用法,相信在寫作中也是非常實用的喔!

 如果還想繼續和我們一起「無痛學英文」,歡迎再來 17.5英文寫作教室找我們呦~ See ya!