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Sabrina Carpenter – skinny dipping 



今天要和讀者介紹的,是一首小編認為非常適合青少年學習的歌曲。Sabrina Carpenter在近幾年,透過平易近人(relatable)的歌詞,以及動聽的旋律,擄獲大批忠實的支持者。而 skinny dipping 這首歌曲,更是透過對話、獨白,以及些許的諺語,組織出一首具有故事性,充滿私人回憶,又令人朗朗上口的流行歌曲。如果你也喜歡這樣,像日記一樣的敘事手法,就繼續看下去吧!

oat milk latte 燕麥奶拿鐵

Hear the barista call an oat milk latte and your name


  • Soy milk 豆奶
  • Almond milk 杏仁奶
  • Coconut milk 椰奶
  • Oat milk 燕麥奶
  • Rice milk 米奶
  • Cashew milk 腰果奶
  • Pea milk 豌豆奶

例句:”I would like to order an oat milk latte, it’s my first time trying it and I’ve heard great things about it’s taste and texture.”


例句:I am unable to have cow’s milk due to lactose intolerance, so I would like to have soy milk in my coffee instead.


look up 查詢

And I look up from my phone

And think there’s no chance it’s you, but it is

  • look sth up  查找

“look up” 是一個動詞短語,中文解釋為「查找」、「查詢」。在這邊,Sabrina 在咖啡廳偶然聽到熟悉的名字,就在手機馬上搜尋、查找,在這個情境最適合用的就是 “look up” 喔~

例句:I’ve been trying to look up my old college roommate on social media for months, but I can’t seem to find her under her maiden name. I remember she got married, but I don’t know her married name, so it’s been difficult to track her down.”


例句:As I sat down to write my research paper, I knew I needed to look up some credible sources to support my arguments. I spent hours scouring through academic journals and reputable news articles, carefully evaluating the information presented and making sure it was relevant to my topic before adding it to my bibliography.


on purpose 刻意

“Well, this was really nice, maybe we should do this on purpose sometime”

  • on purpose 刻意

“on purpose” 是一個副詞短語,中文解釋為「故意地」、「刻意地」。 表示一個人有意地做出某些行為,而不是意外或偶然。在歌詞的語境之中,是這個對象和 Sabrina 提出邀請,也許他們該刻意約來見面。

例句:As the host of the reality show, I knew that the producers were looking for a certain type of drama to boost ratings, so I on purpose goaded one of the contestants into a heated argument with another, even though I knew it would cause tension among the group. It may not have been the most ethical decision, but it was a calculated move to create a more interesting and dynamic program for our viewers.


例句:I know my words came across harsher than intended and I am truly sorry for that. I want to make it clear that it was not on purpose, I just had a rough day and was not thinking before I spoke. I understand that it caused hurt and I deeply regret that. I will make sure to be more mindful of my words in the future.


skinny dip 裸泳

If we could take it all off and just exist

And skinny dip in water under the bridge

  • skinny dip 裸泳

“skinny dip” 的意思從字面上似乎比較難猜得出來,他所代表的就是「裸泳」喔~ 作為這首個的歌名,也可以看得出歌手/作詞者他的用心,因為在這裡,裸泳似乎有著另一層含義,更像表達一種無拘無束,放開拘束的態度。

例句:After a long hike in the mountains, we came across a secluded lake, the water was crystal clear and inviting, a few of us couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to go for a skinny dip, it was such an exhilarating and liberating experience, swimming freely in nature without any clothes on.


water under the bridge 事已成定局

If we could take it all off and just exist

And skinny dip in water under the bridge

  • water under the bridge 事已成定局

“water under the bridge” 是一個短語,字面上看起來,似乎單純是指橋下的水。實際上他的另一層面的意思是事已成定局,不值得再去追究或擔心了。這種說法暗示事情已經過去,不再重要或不可更改。不難看出,歌手在這個地方玩了文字遊戲(wordplay),配合上面講的 skinny dip,其實字面上也許是說在橋下的水裡裸泳,實際上想傳達的是,在木已成舟,難以改變的事情,就不要想太多了,應該像裸泳一樣無拘無束!是不是非常明智又有趣呢~

例句:I know that Sarah’s divorce was difficult for everyone involved, but it’s important to remember that it’s water under the bridge now. We can’t change the past and dwelling on it won’t do any good. We should focus on being there for Sarah and supporting her as she moves forward.

我知道 Sarah 的離婚對每個人都很困難,但重要的是要記住這是過去的事了。我們不能改變過去,糾纏不清也無益。我們應該把重心放在陪伴 Sarah 並在她前進的道路上提供支持。

例句:I know that we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves for the big exam, but it’s important to remember that the results are water under the bridge now. We did our best at the time and there’s no use in dwelling on what could have been. Let’s focus on moving forward and using the lessons we’ve learned to improve for future opportunities.

我知道我們都對這次重要的考試給自己施加了很大的壓力, 但現在重要的是記住這次考試的結果已經成為過去了。當時我們盡了最大努力, 現在沒有必要再去沉迷於可能的結果。讓我們把重心放在前進上, 並利用我們學到的教訓以增強自己去面對未來的機會。

All the Best!

以上就是今天想和大家分享的內容啦~ 你都學會了嗎?是不是覺得這樣的歌詞形式,和常聽到的流行音樂不太一樣呢!小編非常喜歡這樣日記一般,充滿記敘感覺的歌詞,也希望這樣的內容對讀著們的寫作、表達能力有所幫助囉~ 如果還想繼續和我們一起「無痛學英文」,歡迎再來 17.5英文寫作教室找我們呦~ See ya!