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學測英文作文 | 英文作文5種用來連接內容的說法


Then, 接著
Afterward, 然後
Subsequently, 隨後
Thereafter, 之後
Following that, 在…之後

Air pollution is a major problem in many cities around the world. Then, it has been linked to a variety of negative health effects, including respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Afterward, governments and organizations have implemented various measures to reduce air pollution, such as stricter emissions standards for vehicles and factories. However, much more needs to be done to address this pressing issue. Following that, it is important for individuals to also take steps to reduce their own contribution to air pollution, such as using public transportation or driving fuel-efficient vehicles.






Besides, 此外、而且
On top of that, 此外、而且
Moreover, 此外
Nonetheless, 儘管如此
In addition, / Additionally, 另外

Insolation is the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. It is affected by a number of factors, including the Earth’s distance from the sun, the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the Earth’s surface, and the amount of clouds and other atmospheric conditions present. Besides these factors, the Earth’s rotation on its axis also plays a role in insolation. In addition, the Earth’s atmosphere acts as a filter, blocking out some of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Nonetheless, it is important to be cautious about sun exposure and to use sunscreen or protective clothing to avoid skin damage from the sun’s rays.



上述的說法都可以放在句首,用來補充或強調前面所述的事實。”Besides”, “On top of that”, “Moreover”, “In addition”, 和 “Additionally” 都可以用來表示「此外」或「另外」,而 “Nonetheless” 則是用來指「 儘管如此 」。



Further, 而且
Over and above 除此之外
Apart from that 除此之外
Aside from that 除此之外
Not only … but also … 不僅…而且

The drought has caused numerous problems for the community. One major issue is the crop failures that have led to widespread hunger. Further, the lack of clean water has caused numerous health problems. Over and above that, the economic consequences of the drought have been severe, with many farmers struggling to make ends meet. It is clear that the drought has had far-reaching and devastating effects on the region, and it will take a long time for the community to recover. Apart from that, the drought has not only affected the agriculture industry, but also the livestock industry.



上述的說法都可以用來表示「而且」或「除此之外」,但有不同的用法和強調的焦點。”Over and above” 表示「除此之外」,常用來強調額外的事物。”Apart from that” 和 “Aside from that” 都表示「除此之外」,用來指出除了前面提到的事物以外的其他事物。”Not only … but also …” 表示「不僅…而且…」,用來強調並列的事物都存在。



That is not all. 不僅如此
That’s not the only thing. 不只如此
That’s not all there is to it. 不只如此
What’s more, 此外
To add to that, 除此之外

Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights in English history, and his plays cover a range of themes including love, war, death, power, hatred, and humanity. To add to that, his plays are not only an important part of English culture, but they have also been translated into many other languages and performed worldwide. What’s more, Shakespeare’s vocabulary and grammar have made significant contributions to the English language, with many commonly used phrases still in use today coming from his plays. However, his plays have also been criticized for their gender, race, and political biases.



上述的說法都可以用來表示「還有更多」或「不只如此」的意思,可以用來補充或強調某個觀點或事實。”That is not all.”、”That’s not the only thing.” 和 “That’s not all there is to it.” 可以用來指出事實或觀點的其他方面。”What’s more.” 和 “To add to that.” 則可以用來補充或強調某個觀點或事實。



However 然而
While 不過
Yet another 然而
In spite of this / Despite this 儘管如此
Even so 儘管如此、然而

The weather forecast had called for rain all day;however, we still decided to go on our picnic as planned. In spite of this, we packed our umbrellas and rain jackets, just in case. As it turned out, the rain held off until the very end of our picnic. Even so, we had a great time enjoying the beautiful outdoors and each other’s company. Yet another memorable picnic in the books!



上述都是用於提出跟前面所敘述的觀點完全相反的新觀點。”However” 與 “Yet another” 都是指「 然而 」。”While” 作為一個連接詞除了大家熟悉的「 當…時 」的意思以外,也能連接兩個並列的子句以表示轉折或對比。”In spite of this” 和 “Despite this” 表示「儘管如此」的意思,常用來表示與前面所述的事情相反或不同。


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