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說明:依提示寫一篇英文作文,文長至少 120個單詞(words)
許多高中都會在學期間舉辦園遊會(school fair) ,用來慶祝校慶 (school anniversary) 或是其他殊節日。圖片是某高中的園遊會場景,請同學寫一篇兩段的文章,第一段描述圖片當中發生的事情,第二段請就你自己或是他人的經驗,討論你認為高中是否應該舉辦園遊會,並且詳述原因。

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  1. 提供1-2張圖片,讓大家能夠根據圖片自由發揮。
  2. 第一段看圖,第二段論說,符合近年大考命題採用混合題型的做法。
  3. 開放學生們選擇自己是否贊成,讓大家有更多發揮空間。


Alex 老師親撰範文賞析

Many high schools often hold school fairs during the semester, celebrating their school anniversary and other special occasions. This week marked a special occasion for Cindy’s high school as they hosted a school fair for the first time in two years, due to the pandemic. Despite being in their senior year and preparing for the upcoming college entrance exams, Cindy and her classmates devoted a significant amount of effort to making this school fair a memorable event before their graduation. In their class booth, they set up a stall dedicated to making scrumptious and tempting doughnuts. To prepare for the fair, they even brought in a pastry chef to teach them the art of crafting delectable doughnuts, aiming to delight all visitors, parents, and siblings with this gourmet treat. Apart from Cindy’s class, other classes also went all out in the hopes of winning the coveted “Best Booth Award.” Some classes had a “ring toss” game for children to enjoy, while others sold beverages and soda to provide a refreshing respite from the scorching hot sunny day. All in all, this school fair not only attracted the enthusiastic participation of students and faculty from the entire school but also infused the entire campus with energy and a sense of unity.

In my personal experience, I strongly endorse the idea that high schools should host school fairs, as they hold educational significance and foster class unity. Firstly, organizing a school fair cultivates students’ organizational and leadership skills. Successfully pulling off a school fair relies on the entire class’s ability to manage time and plan effectively, as well as execute tasks efficiently. Through this event, students can develop a sense of responsibility and the capacity to fulfill their duties. On top of that, leadership skills are indispensable. In other words, the class needs several individuals willing to step up as leaders, capable of guiding the team and maintaining composure in times of emergencies and conflicts to overcome challenges and obstacles. Furthermore, a class functions as a team, where each member possesses unique personalities and goals. Hosting a school fair can help classmates get to know each other better, enhancing their interpersonal bonds. At the same time, working together toward a common goal strengthens their cohesion and creates unforgettable memories. In conclusion, I believe that by organizing school fairs, classes can nurture their organizational and leadership abilities during their high school years, making them more competitive. Additionally, it allows the entire class to leave behind meaningful and cherished memories from their high school experience, making it a worthwhile and valuable endeavor.





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